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Babel Label
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The Babel label

Packaging for pharmaceutical products is rarely large enough to accommodate extensive information in one language, let alone several.  But now a range of special labels has been developed in response to the demand for a label that can accommodate four, six or even eleven languages.

There is of course an obvious reason for wanting to fit so many languages on one label.  Take the following case for example: A pharmaceutical manufacturer has developed a new product and registered it for use throughout Europe with the central registration office in London.  They have not manufactured large quantities of the product, but would nevertheless like to start selling throughout Europe as soon as possible.

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Normally, this would mean arranging for small quantities of eleven or fourteen different labels to be printed, labeling, storing and inventorying very small product batches, purchasing new packaging, etc...  A label which could be used for four, six or more countries could reduce the expense and effort considerably.  A large quantity of the same labels could be used, which would mean that the labels supplied to the respective countries would all contain the same information.

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Enclosed information and boxes would still have to be printed separately for each language, but this could be done very effectively using off-line printing systems such as thermal transfer of laser printers, which offer simple, inexpensive solutions for a wide range of labeling requirements.

In response to the need for multilingual labeling, Schreiner developed the Euro Label, a label comprising of seven layers printed on both sides.   The first Euro Label was used successfully on a high speed dispensing machine.   Designed for 10ml and 20ml vials, the label comprised five layers, each printed on both sides in four northern European languages, and incorporated two removable parts for documentation purposes.

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