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Bausch & Stroebel
Label Link

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Bausch+Stroebel provides pharmaceutical labeling equipment, as well as continuous labeling machines.  For more information on the continuous labeling process, please follow this link.

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Non-stop labeling

This system automatically joins the end of a used up label roll precisely with the beginning of a new roll without leaving a gap.  This prevents an interruption in the running of the labeling machine usually inevitable while the roll is changed - a significant advantage particularity for labeler in the high-speed, high-quality sector.

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Reliable splice - Higher productivity

The two label webs are joined firmly and reliably using Label Link, a special adhesive tape already fitted to the label rolls during manufacture.  The mechanical splicing procedure is triggered by opto-electronic sensors.  The precise positioning of the splice guarantees that the labeler continues production without interruption thereby ensuring optimum productivity.

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Simple and straightforward

Both the label supply roll and the wound up empty label web can be changed without stopping the labeler - that means without a break in production.  Just a few simple steps prepare the next label supply roll in the standby position while the labels are still being supplied for production from the roll in use.  When the roll comes to an end, the two webs are automatically spliced together.

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Empty web?  No problem

Like the label roll, the empty label web is removed without causing a reduction in output, down time or machine stop.  The length of empty web produced during the transfer to the other take-up reel is collected in a temporary buffer.   Once the take-up reel is running again, the web in the buffer is quickly wound up.

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For information about this machine, please email us at info@hamelco.com.


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