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Halpak Plastics

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Halpak Plastics, Inc. is one of the largest processors of heat shrinkable film in the United States.  Established in 1971, Halpak has been serving customers by offering cost-effective, successful packaging solutions for today's packaging challenges.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in their New-York headquarters, Halpak virtually serves the world.  They maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials for quick turnaround of your order.  From VINYL DRI-SEAL, and basic and custom neck-banding to labels, combination and tamper-evident packaging, Halpak has also developed several applications such as TWin-Sleeves, SoniK-Bags, Die-Cuts, PRE*forms and "Halstrip".   They also offer semi-automatic conveyor/heat tunnel combinations and automatic equipment.  To see more information about Halpak products, please follow the following links:

Vinyl DRI-SEAL ] Tamper-evident ] Combination Packs ] Halstrip ] TWin-Sleeves ] SoniK-Bag ] PRE*forms ] Custom Die-Cuts ]

Halpak stands ready to meet the productions needs of it's customers by continually enhancing their printing and seaming capabilities with their state-of-the-art perforating and inspection machines.

Halpak offers a full line of raw materials and everything is produced in their production facilities.  They offer among other things:

Plain seamless bands
Horizontal and vertical perforated bands
Bands up to 800mm wide
Printed bands using Flexographic and Retrogravure printing processes
Roll stock in seamless, seamed and printed varieties
Soft style and high-impact PVC
Ultra-violet and anti-static materials


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