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One of the applications for this particular product is to monitor fabrics travelling through rollers or ovens, where the label in the above format can be stapled to the edge or waste sections.

Several customers have had problems due to the sensitivity of the equipment, they have not been able to use the adhesive on the back of our labels, to put them onto a surface in the area they are trying to measure.

To combat this, it was suggested that a thin piece of aluminum foil should be applied to the reverse of the label, and then the label could in effect be pinned or hung inside the area where the temperature needs to be measured. It should be ensured that there are no air bubbles trapped between the foil and the adhesive of the label. The air temperature is then transmitted through the foil, which provides an even surface, giving a good reading and assisting the reaction time.


Electrical circuit breaker monitor

A new product has been successfully launched into the retail market in the US. This product is self explanatory and is placed on a breaker, warning of any overheats due to overloading or unbalanced systems, loose, corroded or faulty connections and defective wiring devices and other components.

The indicator is designed to be sold into any area including schools, hospitals, factories, hotels and even homes.

Within the US Market, this product has been exclusively given, to one company, if possible we would like you to establish a distributor within your own market.

We have a great belief in this product and sales have already exceeded $34,000 in the US in the first four months.


Thermal paint

Critical temperature monitored for cable heatshrink sleeves

Our HSP range of water based paints first came to light when we won an award for developing an environmentally friendly thermal paint and, more recently, we have won several large contracts for this paint in one particular application.

This is where two cables are being positioned together using soldered joints. A heat shrink sleeve has to be put around the cables to make the joint waterproof before the cables are placed underground.

To ensure that the shrink sleeve has been applied correctly and that the joint is watertight, the material is coated using a splatter method with out HSP 260. This method flicks small dots of the paint onto the surface of the sleeve which is to be heated, the paint itself is yellow which stands out from the normally black shrink sleeve. When the paint has reached the right temperature for this process to take place, it turns black, making it extremely easy to see.

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