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Label Link

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Nearly uninterrupted labeling without wasting materials is possible using the multi-layer splicing tape, LabelLink, manufactured by Jetter Varpackungstechnik GmbH.  LabelLink is already used for the positioning of the tape label on the reel core by label suppliers.  This is then joined to the splicing tape and rolled up.  In the labeling process, that is during the unrolling of the label tape, a layer on the reverse side of the nearly exhausted tape having a special adhesive is released shortly before the end of the tape.  This surface is joined very quickly and in stable fashion with the side of the label tape having the silicon, instead of using the initial label.  Afterwards the machine can be run at full speed again.  Especially in the case of users with major labeling needs - where rolls are changed three or four more times an hour - the use of the LabelLink System can lead to an average daily saving of one of more machine hours.  Beside the material savings also the documentation of lost labels is no longer a problem.

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