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LabelLink - The quickest way to join two rolls of labels

Labeling machines are becoming quicker and more efficient by the day, which is very good news in terms of costs.  However, valuable minutes of every hour of operation are lost while the label rolls are changed over.   Joining the rolls calls for a pair of scissors, adhesive tape, a steady hand and string nerves. and the process has a number of disadvantages.  All too often, the taped section rips as it passes over the edge of the dispenser, a large number of labels are lost, the speed of the dispensing machine is considerably reduced and the printed batch number and expiry date have to be checked until the spliced section has passed over the edge of the dispenser.

For more than three years now, Schreiner have fitted all label rolls for the pharmaceutical industry with the LabelLink adhesive tape at no extra cost.  The system reduces changeover time to a few seconds.  There is no need for scissors or adhesive tape, and the machine can start up again at full speed straight after the rolls have been joined.  No more than two labels are lost in the process.  Once the operator has become familiar with the system, there is no risk of the expiry date and batch number being printed in the wrong place.

As the last label is unwound, the adhesive strip separates into two layers.  One layer stays on the roll core and is removed with it, the other layer sticks to the end of the strip labels.  It is provided with a special adhesive which sticks to silicon-coated surfaces.

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The first label is now removed from the new label roll.  The old label strip is adhered to the silicon paper which was previously covered by this first label, leaving a gap of approximately 3mm between the labels on the old roll and the labels on the new roll.  And that's it!  The machine can now resume operation at full speed.

The savings soon mount up.  Now here's an interesting little sum:  A pharmaceuticals manufacturer needs 10 million labels per year.  If there are 2500 labels per roll, they will use a total of 4000 rolls per year.  In practice, that means approximately 3500 roll changes.  On average, using the LabelLink strip saves two minutes per roll change.  That equates to an annual time saving of more than 100 hours.  Depending on the hourly throughput of the dispenser, that means a cost reduction of up to US$30000 per year.

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