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Combination Packs
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Halpak Labels

Used for a variety of packaging solutions and to make important product statements, transparent or opaque VINYL DRI-SEAL remains on the product until purchase and endures the rigors of shelf-life.  VINYL DRI-SEAL fits over the product and can be custom printed in up to seven colors to complement the product's existing label.  For ease of removal, VINYL DRI-SEAL can be produced with horizontal or vertical perforations, and can also be produced as neckbands for odd-sized products.

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You'll enjoy some of these key advantages:

Speedy production
Moisture and chemical resistance
Imperviousness to high and low temperature extremes
An economical alternative to folding cartons, blister packs, overwraps and taping
Protects closures
Fits almost any product
Can be printed with up to 7 colors with vertical or horizontal perforations
Available in narrow or wide widths
Ensures tamper-evidence

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