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Thermax proofs Flu vaccine

A new application is ensuring that flue vaccine vials which are contained in a sterilized container are totally free of bacteria by subjecting container to a heat source, ensures that all bacteria have been destroyed.

Encapsulated indicators strategically placed proof the temperature has been achieved.



Urine freshness indicator used in drug testing

As testing for drugs becomes more and more popular, so the methods of falsifying the results become more ingenious. The most popular way is for a person to obtain a "doctored" sample of urine from a "clean" person and falsely pass this as their own.

So when the United States Government passed a bill indicating that all civil servants must be tested twice a year, a method was required to prevent fraudulent samples being given to the nurses performing the test for drugs. The method derived was a "Freshness Test" which involved the use of a temperature sensitive label which would indicate that the urine sample was indeed fresh.

Research was carried out and it was determined that the temperature of the urine should be between 94 and 99F after 2 minutes. Federal guidelines were published giving less stringent readings of between 90.5 and 99.8F after 4 minutes. This, it was suggested, would cover 99% of the population.

Large volumes of these labels are produced for this application as each unit is applied to the outside of the specimen jar and disposed of after use for health reasons. Volumes are continually increasing as private companies and sports bodies insist on regular testing more and more.

Areas to consider for applications of these labels are Sports Authorities and Governments. Also the Military (Army, Navy etc.) are starting to look at this in many countries.

We can supply either the complete testing kit or just the label and are positive that all countries in the civilized world will eventually move down this road in the not too distant future.   

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