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Multi-seal labels

New security label for pharmaceutical applications solves three problems at once.

Schreiner has developed a completely new type of security label for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.  The company in question asked Schreiner to undertake this project as it had discovered that strong painkillers were being removed from packs and replaced with less effective products before they left the company's warehouse and dispatch department.  What was needed, therefore, was a label which indicated whether a pack of tablets had been opened before or not and which would guarantee that the product was not tampered with before reaching the end user.

The company also wanted the label to offer end users some sort of proof that they had indeed bought an authentic product.

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Another specification was that the label could repeatedly be used to close the packaging until the tablets it contained had been used up.  Schreiner rose to the challenge by designing a special film composite label comprising a tag to make it easier to open and close.  Pulling the tag up causes a previously invisible piece of information, in this case the company logo, to appear on the film.  The logo can also be seen on the lower part of the composite, but this time in a different color.   The color change is irreversible.  The tag can be used to open and reseal the pack as often as required

Advantages of the multi-seal:

Seal can be used repeatedly

Indication of whether pack has been opened before

Proof of authenticity

High degree of security

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