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"Firewatch" indicators provide extra protection for fire-fighters

In discussions with the fire service,  a request to devise a method of monitoring outside temperatures in a real fire situation has become a necessary requirement, as each fireman approaches a fire with the uncertainty of the temperatures that might be present in the environment.

Two enlarged thermometer strips were devised and mounted onto the fireman’s glove giving 4 levels of indication in regards to temperatures being received on the fireman’s glove "left" and "right" hand

Such indicators were envisaged as being a necessary tool for fire-fighters equipment because the fire suits each fire man wears totally cocoons their bodies from the outside world.


Fire Ladder

Firefighters ladder indicator

These are used to reduce the risk of deterioration in fire fighting ladders, and used to monitor excessive temperatures of 149șC. When the ladder has be subjected to the specific temperature the ‘Orange Spot’ on the indicator turns black.

Therefore enabling the fire services to remove the ladders from service, then a stress testing evaluation is carried out on these ladders before being placed back into service.

Please approach ladder manufacturing fire services, fire security firms and advise them of this Safety Ladder Indicator.

These indicators can of course be customized, please contact our Sales Division for a customized quotation.

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