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Bausch & Stroebel
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Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Schreiner has extensive experience developing labels that integrate documentation. Their innovations include several ways to attach extensive information to products and to produce labels with multiple integrated functions and components. They comply with the most stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Custom labels supplied in rolled format that comply with industry standard
Multifunctional labels designed specifically for identifying and tracking pharmaceutical products
Products distributed worldwide
Products manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines
Stringent quality control using electronic vision systems
Accredited in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and
QS-9000 certified by the German institute of quality control and labeling in the pharmaceutical packaging sector
Certified under the EC environmental audit plan (EMS)
Supplier of labeling systems, comprising labeling software, printers, readers and dispensers

To see more information about Schreiner's line of pharmaceutical packaging products, please follow the links below:

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Labels with integrated hanger

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Labels with
multiple detachable sections

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Labels with integrated brochures and

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