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Saving and transferring data by means of transponders is a focal point of interest with various branches of industry.  This is not surprising when considering that this new technology offers a vast potential of applications, expanded even further by integrating them into labels.

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Generally speaking, a transponder consists of a chip and an antenna.   The chip offers possibility of saving data, but also of changing, supplementing of deleting it.  Data transfer between the transponder and a reading device involves no physical contact and occurs via electromagnetic fields.

The integration of transponders in self-adhesive functional components further expands the application spectrum.  By means of labels, transponders can be affixed to nearly any surface, either permanently or removable, visibly or invisibly.   Like conventional labels, transponder labels are processed by means of dispensing systems.

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With the transponders, antenna designs and sizes as well as the respective chip technology (capacity, reading distance, frequency, etc...) are adapted to the particular requirement.  With le labels, design, size, material and adhesive force may be varied.  For extreme usage conditions, the transponder labels are coated with a highly durable PU-resin.

The combination of the transponder and barcode in one and the same label is particularly useful during the introductory phase of transponder technology.  If there is no transponder reading system available, the previous barcode processing may continue.

In cooperation with Hamel Packaging, Schreiner is offering customized system solutions ranging from the transponder label to respective reading stations all the way up to adapting and integrating software into the existing processes.

Benefits of transponder technology:

Simultaneous reading of several transponders is possible - Several marked products can be captured in one process step.

Object identification without visual contact - No need to open the transport container.

Exchange of data within seconds - Higher processing speed and thus faster logistical processes.

Variable saving of data - Transponder data can be modified, supplemented or deleted.

High-capacity memory - Even extensive volumes of data are directly available on the product.

Increased process safety - Mutual authentication between transponder and reading system.

High data security - Saved data on the chip are always complete, in their original state and secured.


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